Bioshine Kids Goat Milk Drink
Bioshine Kid’s Goat Milk Drink
Net Weight:550g
Formulated Supplementary Food
Protein Source: Goat’s Milk Protein
During this important learning and development stage, it is essential to maintain your child’s healthy lifestyle with a wholesome balance of good nutrition and physical activity.
BIOSHINE KIDS GOAT MILK DRINK is a nutritious goat milk drink. It has good sources of vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, iron and other nutrients*. Phosphatidylserine, Lutein and Probiotic are specifically added to the product.
Vitamin A - necessary for normal vision*;
Vitamin D - necessary for normal bone structure*;
Calcium - necessary for normal teeth and bone structure*;
Iron - contributes to normal cognitive function*.
BIOSHINE KIDS GOAT MILK DRINK is suitable as a supplement to a normal diet when intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate to meet an individual requirement.
* When prepared as directed and consumed as a part of the healthy varied diet.
- High calcium
- Good sources of Nutrition
- Very gentle, close to breast milk
- Smaller milk fat globule, better for absorption
- 100% NZ made
- 100% A2 casein
- 100% goat protein
- 73.5% goat milk powder