Bioshine Lady Goat Milk Drink
Bioshine Lady Goat Milk Drink
Net Weight: 550g
Formulated Supplementary Food
- Probiotics
- Dietary Fiber
- Low Fat
- Goat Milk Protein
- Multi-Vitamins
BIOSHINE LADY GOAT LOW FAT MILK DRINK is a goat protein-based formula made in New Zealand. It focuses on improving your beauty INSIDE OUT.

- Vitamins, mineral and probiotics to meet your key nutritional needs to cope with ladies’ busy lifestyles.
- Goat milk - premium goat protein and nutrients for fundamental support of your skin’s nutritional needs. Protein is necessary for tissue building and repair.
- Probiotics and Dietary Fibre - improve your internal healthy digestion and better detox through optimum gut environment.
- Vitamin C
- contributes to cell protection from free radical damage and normal collagen formation for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Low Fat but still smooth and creamy taste!
Enjoy BIOSHINE LADY GOAT MILK DRINK - great benefits from goat milk, vitamins, mineral, probiotics and dietary fibre.
Enjoy your smooth and attractive skin. Enjoy your health and better lifestyles.
BIOSHINE LADY GOAT MILK DRINK is used as a supplement to a normal diet where intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate to meet an individual’s requirements.

*When prepared as directed and consumed as a part of the healthy varied diet.
Bioshine Goat lady formula is a 100% goat protein-based formula using premium New Zealand goat milk from grass-fed and free-range farm goats.

Specially selected key ingredients including: deep sea collagen peptide, fresh cranberry and probiotics.